Spotify Says Drake's Scorpion Is Streaming 10 Million Times An Hour

Spotify Says Drake's Scorpion Is Streaming 10 Million Times An Hour

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Spotify Says Drake's Scorpion Is Streaming 10 Million Times An Hour

Spotify says its listeners are devouring Drake's new album Scorpion at a price of roughly 10 million instances an hour. The streaming music service tweeted on Friday afternoon saying the 25-track album was being played at a steady tempo by its users since debuting within the early morning hours. click hyperlink is probably going helped by widespread promotion of the challenge. Spotify has prominently featured Drake's new music on a few of its most-listened playlists, which span quite a lot of genres. The transfer will probably assist Drake regain his crown as Spotify's most-streamed artist after being unseated by Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin, recognized for his hit Mi Gente, earlier this week.

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